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Recruitment process in Polska Press Group

Sending-in of your application

In reply to our job ads published at recruitment portals and on our corporate website, we look forward to your CVs and cover letters.

Application screening

From among the received applications we select the best Candidates for the 1st recruitment stage (recruitment meeting). We make a very thorough and detailed screening of the applications by analysing meticulously the information contained in your CVs. We confront our observations with the criteria and requirement related to given job position we currently recruit for.

Phone contact with selected candidates

During the first contact with candidates we try to confirm their willingness to take part in our recruitment process. In some recruitment processes we try to examine your expectations and needs related to work in our company even before the first recruitment meeting. This is how we take care of the best possible use of your and our time in the recruitment process.
If all pieces of information are accordant with our expectations and capacities, we invite selected persons to a recruitment interview.

Recruitment meeting / Competency-based interview

The meeting is usually attended by a person from HR department, and the manager, i.e. the future superior of the person we look for. The number and format of the meetings vary depending on classification of a given job position. The most frequently recruitment methods we use include competency-based interviews, knowledge and personality tests, situation and selling role plays, case study or the Assessment Center - when we recruit to managerial positions.

Informing the candidates about recruitment results

The last stage of each recruitment process in our company consists in informing all candidates who participated in recruitment meetings about its results. The candidates are informed by phone or by e-mail. Top priority for us is not to leave any Candidate without information from us.