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Gazeta Pomorska




Gazeta Pomorska is the most widely read newspaper in kujawsko-pomorskie region. Its importance in the life of Kujawy and Pomorania regions is best evidenced by the group of many thousands of faithful subscribers (over 30 thousand copies are delivered daily to flats and houses by postmen and deliverers). Since 1948 Pomorska  has accompanied daily lives of the residents of kujawsko-pomorskie region (previously of three regions: bydgoskie, toruńskie and włocławskie) and of the following poviats: chojnicki, trzemeszeński and Nowe Miasto Lubawskie. Local and regional character is an indisputable asset of Gazeta Pomorska. On our columns the residents of the smallest towns of our region can find pieces of news that are relevant and useful in their daily lives and are of importance in the life of the country and world. On sport columns we inform about the results of even very small local or school sport clubs. Residents of villages and poviat-level towns comprise the biggest group of our readers. For many of themm Pomorska is the only choice among press titles. Our readers have their favourite authors among journalists of Pomorska, and editions of the Bydgoski/Regional Album are edited jointly with the Readers. The most frequently visited portal in kujawsko-pomorski region is, where Internet users can follow on ongoing basis the major events in the world, country and region.


* Gemius PBI, June 2016
** Polish Readership Survey, Implementation and Software: Millward Brown, Indicator: CCS - Readership Seasonal Cycle, [12] June 2015: May 2016


Marcin Habel



Description of the title:

Mutacja A – Bydgoszcz (powiat bydgoski,powiat nakielski, część gmin powiatu pilskiego)
Mutacja 1 - Inowrocław (powiat inowrocławski, powiat żniński, powiat mogileński, gmina Trzemeszno w województwie wielkopolskim)
Mutacja 2 - Włocławek (powiat włocławski, powiat lipnowski, powiat aleksandrowski, powiat radziejowski)
Mutacja 3 - Toruń (powiat toruński, powiat golubsko-dobrzyński, powiat brodnicki, powiat rypiński, powiat nowomiejski w województwie warmińsko-mazurskim)
Mutacja 4 - Chojnice (powiat chojnicki, powiat człuchowski - oba w województwie pomorskim, powiat sępoleński, powiat tucholski)
Mutacja 5 - Grudziądz (Grudziądz, powiat grudziądzki, powiat świecki, powiat chełmiński, powiat wąbrzeski)


Contact data:

ul. Zamoyskiego 2, 85-063 Bydgoszcz
+48 52 32 63 100
+48 52 32 21 031