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Gazeta Wrocławska




Gazeta Wrocławska is the biggest regional daily in the Lower Silesia region. Its history is as complex and interesting as the history of the region where it is published. With the word “Wrocławska” in the title it has been published since 1990, but it is an inheritor of several titles that were published since 1940s, such as Pionier, Słowo Polskie or Wieczór Wrocławia. Presently "Gazeta Wrocławska" is the most important opinion-forming newspaper in the region. "Gazeta Wrocławska” is published by Polska Press Wrocław Division.


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p.o. redaktora naczelnego Artur Matyszczyk

p.o. redaktora naczelnego Artur Matyszczyk

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