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Tygodnik Ostrołęcki


Tygodnik Ostrołęcki is an indisputable press leader within the area of north-eastern Mazovia region. The weekly has been published for over 30 years on each Tuesday, today in the form of five separate issues, for residents of each poviat respectively: Tygodnik Ostrołęcki, Tygodnik w Ostrowi, Tygodnik w Makowie, Tygodnik w Przasnyszu and Głos Wyszkowa.  No matter is too trival for us, and each of our readers can be sure that we will deal with their problems and will stand up for them. We are as close to our Readers as possible; we guarantee an extensive news service from each commune located within our publishing area. With each Weekly, the Readers receive a colour television guide, and our subscribers additionally receive Rozrywka Prenumeratorów (Subscibers’ Entertainment), a dedicated weekly with crosswords and interviews with film and television stars.


Beata Modzelewska

Beata Modzelewska

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ul. gen. Augusta Emila Fieldorfa "Nila" 2a, 07 - 410 Ostrołęka
(29) 764 22 82