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Poznań Printing Plant


The printing plant has been in operation since 1998. In July 2004 it was relocated to the new seat in Poznań-Skórzewo at 158 Malwowa Street. It uses coldest technology. At Publisher’s request, the printing plant provides additional services, such as insertion, gluing-in of promotional materials into the printed items.


In November 2007 the new system of platesetting was introduced, changing from CTF to CTP. The printing plant is equipped with two Kodak CTP Trendsetter News 100 platesetting machines and Nela automatic plate punching and bending system. Printing is made on an offset roll-fed Uniset 75 machine (year of manufacture: 2004), allowing for production in the following formats: A3 (289 x 390 mm) and A2 (578 x 390 mm), with page print areas of 260 x 360 mm (max.) and 545 x 360 mm (max.), respectively. Working speed of the machine: 37,000 copies/hour. The machine prints on newsprint or offset paper with weights from 36 to 80 g/m2. The printing plant accepts orders for works with lengths from 8 to 48 pages with double-sided full-colour printing.

Acceptance of order:

The materials for platesetting should be delivered as composite CMYK colour space files. No other colour callouts than CMYK can be made in the file. The files should contain a single column (page). The works are accepted as PDF files (PDF 1.3-compatible). The names of the files have to meet standards of the printing plant, therefore before starting cooperation, you should contact directly the production manager or the platesetting unit.


p.o. Janusz Śliwiński

Contact details:

ul. Malwowa 158, 60 - 175 Poznań/Skórzewo
+48 61 626 21 00
+48 61 626 21 17